Read addictive 5-minute stories, made up of short text messages.

How does it work? As simple as chatting

With TNC Stories, you tap on your phone screen to reveal chat bubbles like you do when using your messenger apps. The chats make up stories, articles and more; making them fun and easier to read.

Features What can you do with TNCSTORIES

  1. Read Interesting and addictive short stories, articles and more.
  2. Write Don't just read, write your own stories - it's as easy as chatting.
  3. Earn Get paid for your talent. As people read your stories, you get paid.
  4. Engage Meet and engage with fun and exciting people just like you.

Testimonials What the people are saying

  • Kola Bamidele Student This is simply amazing. The app is so easy to use and it makes it easier for people like me who hate long text to read in a fun and interesting way.
  • Temi Johnson Banker I used to miss out on a lot of information because I never had time to read lengthy stories. With TNCStories, it feels just like I'm chatting with a friend so its easier for me.
  • Aisha Tasiu Designer What's cooler than being able to read interesting stories? The fact that I can also create mine and earn money when people read it. I love the app.
  • Abdul Biochemist I really like TNCStories. It's like chatting with anyone and its also quite addictive.

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