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LAGOS, Nigeria, January 23, 2018 – Award winning open publishing platform, The Naked Convos, today announced the launch of a unique mobile app, TNC Stories.

According to Olawale Adetula, founder of Helium Media, “after running The Naked Convos for several years, we decided to take a step back to do a significant analysis of our audience. In a world where publishers are struggling but platforms with messaging apps are consistently recording growth, this was necessary. One of the things that quickly became clear to us was that conversations are the most convenient and natural way for people to consume content. This led to a series of experiments with content formats and after several iterations, we ended up with the TNC Stories app.”

With Stories, TNC has joined the small group of publishers internationally looking to drive innovation within the publishing industry with the new storytelling format that presents content like short text message in chat bubbles. This not only gives the impression that you are snooping into another person’s conversation, it also presents content to users in a way they are used to. Perhaps this is why the app is constantly said to be addictive and engaging.

The Stories app is lightweight and easy to use – all you have to do is tap on the screen of your phone to reveal one message after the other. The fun doesn’t stop there, you can react to each message with an emoji and if you enjoy a story so much, you can let the writer know by liking it or dropping a comment where you will find other users like yourself.

Beyond fun and engagement, users can also create their own stories and earn money when others read it – this is consistent with all the products from Helium Media, the parent company of The Naked Convos – a company dedicated to helping content creators in Africa monetize their talent. In the user section of the app, you can see how many stories you have published, how much you have earned from others reading them, and you can request a payout once you hit the minimum payout amount.

Stories by TNC has a unique, easy to navigate layout that keeps users intrigued. The app is free and available for IOS and Android users.

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